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Laborate Pharmaceuticals

Laborate Pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest growing pharmaceuticals company in India. Over the years, we have been awarded and recognised for our endeavour to manufacture premium quality products and sell it for economical price. We believe that healthcare is not a privilege but a right of every citizen.Thus, we are taking giant strides in making good quality products available in rural as well as urban areas. We manufacture extensive range of products. Currently, our range of over 1000 products varies from Generic Pharma Products to Ayurvedic and Personal Care Products

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Ever since our inception in 1985, Quality Control and Quality Assurance has been at the core of our business operations. We understand our duty towards the society for manufacturing only premium quality products. Therefore, we have set up an independent department for Quality Control And Assurance. Moreover, our ultra-modern testing facility is equipped with GC, FTIR, HPLC, UV and other techniques complying with international Pharmacopoeial requirements.


Over the years, our good work has been recognised by several reputed organizations, and they have bestowed us with important awards. Here’s a list of few of them:

  • ‘Emerging India Award’ by ICICI and CNBC, 2008
  • ‘Udyog Rattan Award’
  • ‘Excellence Award’ by Institute of Economic Studies (IES), 2008

State of the art Infrastructure

Our 5 world class manufacturing facilities are approved by WHO GMP and FDA of 35 other countries, and are made as per the guidelines of US-FDA and UK-MHRA.

Our multipurpose plants can manufacture sterile and nonsterile products. We also have exclusive dedicated blocks for β-lactam and non β-Lactam antibiotics.

Take a look at our daily production capacity:

  • Liquid Injections: 200,000 vials and 300,000 ampoules

  • Ophthalmic: 300,000

  • Dry Injections: 300,000

  • Topical Preparations: 200,000 tubes

  • Tablets: 15 Million units

  • Capsules: 2 Million units

  • Dry Syrup: 100,000 Bottles

  • Liquid Preparations: 100,000 (Syrup / Emulsions / Susp)

We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Practices For the country!

Our Products

We’re Setting the New Standards in Laboratory & Research Professional.

We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Practice For Your Whole Family!

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