Personal Care


Labolia Fair and Light for Men

This fairness cream for men contain the multi vitamins like Vitamin B3, Vitamin B complex provitamin complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E which makes the skin tone lighter and keeps the skin smoother and minimizes the pores on the face.

Labolia Fair and Light for Women

It consists of Haldi, Chandan & Kesar, Semual ,kanta,Zinc oxide, Titanium oxide, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate and Lodhra which helps in Fairness,relieving sores and wounds of the skin.

Labolia Anti-Acne Cream

Natural & Instant Solution for Acne & Pimples. Neem & Tulsi Extracts - Clears skin, control facial oil, clear acne, pimples naturally. Tea tree oil – Reduces several acne symptoms on regular uses.

Labolia Mix Fruit Face Wash

Revitalize deep cleansing & moisture balance unique formula for all skin type. Enriched with natural mix fruit extracts, vitamins, Anti oxidants, minerals, Removes dirt or oil from your face.

Labolia Pimple Clear Face Wash

Complete solution for oil & pimple problems with Anti bacterial property. Enriched with Neem, Tulsi, Calendulla Extracts with Glycerin. Reduces blemishes, blackheads, control facial oil.

Labolia Oil Control Face Wash

It’s a unique oil control facewash with goodness of lemon extracts. It is Dermatologically tested to remove excess oil & skin impurities.

Labolia Refreshing Face Wash

Gently cleans skin, feel fresh & purified. Enriched with active Orange Extracts. Remove dead cells. Act as skin toner which nourishes and Moistens the skin.

Labolia Fairness Face Wash (Men)

It is a combination of kesar,allobukhara,,kheera,gritkumari and masoor which helps in fairness,cleaning,astrigent that helps to get rid of skin tan.

Labolia Fairness Face Wash (Women)

It is a combination of mulethi,kesar ,kheera,anar which helps in skin lightening & depigmentation, fairness,Lighten skin tone,Maintain pH balance and removes dead cells.

Labolia Sun Screen Lotion (SPF 40)

It is a broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protected, non greasy body lotion for all skin types.

Labolia Honey-Almond Cold Cream

Honey & Almond Oil maintains skin soft, & moisture. Protects skin dryness & roughness in winter.

Labolia Butter-Malai Cold Cream

Butter – Malai maintains skin soft, & moisture. Protects skin dryness & roughness in winter.

Labolia Lip Glow

Its ingredients make protective layer on your lips which results keep your lips Smooth, Shine, Drench. Lip glow maintains moisture, prevent dryness, protection from sun rays.

ICEY COOL Talcum Powder

Labolia Icey cool Powder is Excellent in absorbing sweat & prevents body odour to keep fresh all day long.

Labolia Hair Removal Cream

Aloe Vera extract keep the skin soft & moist. Removes hairs from body naturally & without pain will make the skin soft. Thioglycolic acid, Phenonip Cetomacrogol-1000, etc. helps in removal of hairs.